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"Ensuring the safety of your event and guest"

The Royal Bahamas Police Force Maintenance Department is the primary supplier of steel barricades or crowd control barricades to both large and small events in the Bahamas with over 2000 barricades in stock.

These barricades help provide your event with the security Barricadesand "peace of mind" to create maximum protection at perimeters and entrances. The barricades are made of galvanized steel and are 8 feet(W) X 43 inches(H) and weights approximately 57lbs for easy transportation. Each barricade interlocks to the next and is very ideal for use at events such as cook outs, side walk sales, cultural festivals, concerts, street parades, exhibitions, regattas, sporting events, etc....

We carry barricades for a wide variety of purposes all at a very affordable rate of $2.00 per day per barricade and a security deposit of $150.00.
It is important to note that barricades are not rented during Junkanoo Celebrations and during Independence.

For additional information, please contact us at 1-242-302-8445 or 1-242-302-8163.

To Rent barricades, please use the link below to download a printable form that must be filled out and dropped of at The Police Maintenance Section at Police Headquarters, East Street North.

Barricade Rental Application Form (PDF Format)

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