The Royal Bahamas Police Force is comprised of a vast number of divisions and special branches throughout New Providence, Northern Bahamas and the Family Islands. These branches are commonly referred to as uniform divisions and special branches.The island of New Providence is served by 10 policing divisions and Grand Bahama is divided into 4 Divisions: Western, Eastern, Eight Mile Rock and Central.The Family Island District covers over 14 major islands most of which have several stations and sub-stations. Special Divisions include Prosecutions, Traffic, Mobile, Harbour Patrol, Internal Security, K-9, Air Wing and Force Garage. In addition to these divisions are the Crime and Intelligence Sections that includes departments such as the Drug Enforcement Unit, Criminal Records Office, Interpol, Serious Crimes Unit and a cadre of others.

New Providence
Internal Security Division, Amoury, Canine Section, Air Support Services Unit, Marine Support Services Unit, Communications & Technology Branch(Information Technology Department, Communications Section and Control Room), Maintenance Section, Police Force Garage, Scientific Support Services, Reserves Division, National Crime Prevention Office, Prosecutions Department, Police Band, Public Affairs & Communication Services, Business Inspection and Licensing Section, Airport Division, Central Division, Eastern Division, Southern Division, Southeastern Division, Western Division, Southwestern Division, Mobile Patrol Division, Northeastern Division, Traffic Department, Reserves Division.

Family Island District
Central Bahamas (Eleuthera Division, Andros Sub Division, Berry Islands Sub Division)
Southern Bahamas (Exuma Division, Long Island Sub Division, Acklins, Crooked Island & Long Cay Sub Divisions, Cat Island Sub Division, San Salvador Division, Inagua Sub Division, Mayaguana Sub Division, Rum Cay Sub DIvision, Ragged ISland Sub DIvision)

Northern Bahamas
Abaco Division, Bimini Sub Division, Walkers & Grand Cays, Airport Division, Central Division, Eastern Division, Eight Mile Rock Division, Lucaya Division, West End Division, Traffic Division, Complaints & Corruption Unit, Canteen, Financial Services Unit, Fire Services, Force Garage, Harbour Patrol, Human Resources Office, Maintenance Section, Mobile/Control Room, Prosecutions Department, Police Stores, Security & Intelligence Branch, Central Detective Unit, Drug Enforcement Unit, Police College, Crime Prevention Office, Reserves Division, Criminal Records Office, Communications Branch, Armoury, Reserves Office.